The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is reaching out to help with Homes for the Aged. In a release on Tuesday, the department announced an expansion of state assistance and reimbursements to support more testing in HFA’s. HFA’s are homes that provide room, board and supervised personal care to 21 or more individuals ages 55 or older. Due to the significant risk of outbreaks and more severe health outcomes caused by COVID-19, it’s imperative that HFAS provide routine testing.

MDDHS recommendations include:

  • One-time baseline testing of all residents and staff.
  • Weekly testing, until all staff and residents are negative for 14 days since the last positive test.
  • At the time of admission for new residents.
  • Before new staff members start work.
  • When having COVID symptoms.
  • After close contact with a COVID-positive individual (within six feet for fifteen minutes or more).

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