A man recently was recorded on video doing two things simultaneously that most people couldn't do individually... standing atop one of the towers on the Mackinac Bridge and playing bagpipes.

The video was recorded on September 24th and posted on Facebook two days later. It has been viewed over 70,000 times and has over 1,500 shares to date. It shows the musician performing while panning below to show cars as small as ants crossing the bridge and boats going underneath.

The bagpiper, standing 550 feet above the convergence of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan waters in 18 mph winds, was asked to play three tunes for three different reasons. The first song was Amazing Grace was a tribute to our veterans and first responders and is the only one shown in the video. The second song was Scots Whay Hae for Robert Burns and Scottish heritage. The third song Scotland The Brave was dedicated to the rest of the human race.


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