As summer camps begin to open, it's good to know that there are new CDC guidance protocols that should be followed to keep everyone safe this summer.

Kids are ready to get out this summer and have all kinds of fun, and they can do just that at summer camp.

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According to WILX:

They're recommending teens who are eligible receive the vaccine before going.  They also recommend the kids to stay in small groups rather than mingling with all the other campers.  However, when they do run into another group, they're asked to mask up.

I can remember a time when you didn't have to worry about protocols, vaccines, masks, social distancing and more.  Now that the numbers have been going down in Michigan, campers should use CDC guidance but focus on having as much fun as possible.  Everyone has been cooped up for too long.

WILX also tells us:

Becky Spencer, V.P. Of Camping for YMCA Storer Camps, says a lot of their campers are under the age of twelve and unable to receive the vaccine.  Instead, they plan on utilizing tests to keep people safe.

Even so, It's nice to know that kids can go to camp, play games, eat smores, make new friends, and when they finally go home after summer camp, they will have great stories to tell.

WILX adds:

The message is clear with most summer camps.  Whether it's rain, shine, or even a pandemic, it's not enough to keep kids away and make memories with their newly found best friends at camp.

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