There have been a lot of new drink spots opening in Kalamazoo recently, including Kung Fu Tea off of Drake Rd and the Five Lakes Coffee which most recently opened off West Main. Now, a staple of Downtown Kalamazoo is expanding to the other side of downtown, near Bronson Park. Factory coffee announced they're hoping to have their new location open by November. The new spot, located at 400 S Rose St is actually on the ground floor of the 400 Rose Apartments, as Factory recently revealed:

We’ve been holding onto this news for a bit and now we’re thrilled to announce … Factory Coffee is opening a new café downtown Kalamazoo! Located on the ground floor of the @400rose apartment building, we are aiming to be open in November. Get ready for updates, sneak peeks, and news on the exciting ways we’re expanding FC offerings.

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The company has always touted itself as a strong supporter of making coffee in a way that protects the earth and supports local business as well:

We love our planet! Our coffee is roasted in Kalamazoo, MI with a zero-emissions roaster, reducing the carbon footprint of every pound of coffee by 90%. We are a small family owned Coffee Roastery and Café located in Kalamazoo, MI. With over 20 years of coffee experience, we are very excited to offer you the highest quality coffee possible.

There has yet to be an official opening date set for the new location, but November is right around the corner, so you can expect to see an update from them on their social media page very soon.

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