If you were President of the United States what would you do about North Korea’s nuclear weapons program?

That is the question facing President Trump since our previous Presidents did nothing to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Since the Kim Jong Un replaced his father as North Korea’s leader in 2011, North Korea has presented a very difficult diplomatic challenge for the United States. Kim Jong Un has increased the speed of developing the country’s nuclear program and now claims it is capable of launching a nuclear-armed missile that would and could reach the continental United States.

Proof of North Korea’s desire to produce a nuclear tipped missile that can reach the continental United States is the fact that they have successfully conducted two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in July of this year.

Proof also that this issue is very serious to the United States even former President, lead from behind, Barack Obama had warned President Trump that a nuclear North Korea would likely be the most pressing issue faced by the new administration and the United States.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, they believe North Korea is in possession of up to 20 nuclear warheads, other organizations have the number much higher.

Kim Jong Un wants a nuclear weapons program because he believes that is his only chance to keep control over his country and people.  We can also assume that he might believe that without a nuclear weapons program he might be invaded by South Korea in their want to unite the Korean peninsula and rid themselves of this huge threat right on their door step.  By the way North Korea also wants to unite the Korean peninsula, which would then be under their control.

Image if we here in the United States were constantly being threatened by Canada or Mexico, whose leaders were as bloodthirsty and evil as Kim Jong Un.  Image if Canada or Mexico had leaders who really did not care what happens to their people as long as they can keep control.  Right now many of the citizens of North Korea are starving to death due to the sanctions levied by the United Nations because of his nuclear weapons program.  Yet he still continues to defy the United Nations demands, demands if met would then allow more aid and economic prosperity in his country. What would we as a country demand and do?

So therein lies the facts as we know them.

What would you do, knowing these facts, if you were President of the United States?

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