This is a salute to West Michigan's first responders as they always need to be prepared--for anything! Firefighters in Norton Shores know this all too well as they recently had to respond to a childbirth call at the local Walmart!

Both the Norton Shores Fire Department and Mercy Health EMS responded to the emergency call from the Walmart on Henry on the morning of Thursday, March 3. Though they are required to remain tight-lipped due to privacy laws like HIPPA, it appears as though delivery went smoothly however first responders can't confirm whether one or two patients were transported to the hospital.

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I'm sure no woman imagines the birth of her child taking place at the grocery store and I can't imagine how scary this was for everyone involved. One Facebook user claims the woman was in the checkout line during the moment she went into labor!

What's even crazier is the Norton Shores Fire Department says the number of childbirth and pregnancy calls they've received as of March 3, 2022, has already surpassed the number of similar calls they responded to throughout the entire year of 2021! What is going on? Is there something in the water?

Many are calling the increase in birth rates a side-effect of the pandemic and I'm sure there's actually some science to that! Though for the first time since 1900 the number of deaths in Michigan outpaced the number of births in 2020, we may see that number being to trend upwards again as data from 2021 becomes available.

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