Ohio has plenty of large cities with their sites and sounds that are recognized nationwide. Whether is the sports passion in Cleveland, Skyline Chili in Cincinnati or The Ohio State University in Columbus, those cities serve as vital organs to the state of Ohio.

Still, in smaller cities like Canton with the Pro Football Hall of Fame or Dayton with the A World A'Fair, everywhere you look there is something nationally noteworthy.

While it doesn't necessarily make those cities "less Ohio" than any other, the state is huge, and rural towns and communities connect those cities with their own personalities that are uniquely their own rather than shared with the world. That's why there is something special about living in or being from a charming small town.

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Reader's Digest recently named the most charming small town in each state, and they chose a good one for Ohio.

Lebanon, Ohio, was RD's choice, a town of roughly 21k in the northeast borders of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

What truly sells Lebanon is its downtown which is spacious, inviting, and easily walkable with a classic vibe.


Running through downtown is the Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad which offers several historic train rides through the town and Warren County. There are many themed rides, making for excellent date night options or simple family fun.

The Golden Lamb Inn is a highlight for visitors as it sits in downtown to keep everything within walking distance. Ohio's oldest operating business, it also has a ground-floor restaurant and historic hotel rooms.

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