If you know who "Uploads_of_Fun" are on Tik Tok, then you know what this is about. If you're unfamiliar with them, well... welcome to one of the most cringy, yet hilarious channels I've ever found on the app.

Introducing this Family of Four, originally from Cleveland, who let their kids curse, and talk about sex and innuendos openly on the internet.

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The obvious joke here is that, "this family is from Ohio, so it seems parenting is done a bit differently there." But really, it looks like this is just a fun outlet for injecting a little bit of humor into awkward situations that parents often find themselves in with their kids, which INCLUDES curse words, sex, and misunderstandings of words and their definitions.

On the family's website:

"Launched in 2019, the channel started as a way for Josh (the dad) to connect with his boys. But after the first video, Josh knew it could develop into something great."

And great it was, now with 4.7 million followers, and 102.6 million likes, these foul-mouthed kids (Jackson and Calvin), have almost no filter when it comes to the topics they discuss, specifically the "Awkward Questions with Kids" segment, that now has nearly 70 installments.

@uploads_of_fun Flashback to this gem, and it’s still awkward! #uploadsoffun #fypシ #comedy #funnyvideo ♬ original sound - Uploads of Fun


@uploads_of_fun You would never guess what he said! #uploadsoffun #fypシ #comedy #funnyvideo ♬ original sound - Uploads of Fun


@uploads_of_fun These dudes are gonna need some help! #uploadsoffun #fypシ #comedy #funnyvideo ♬ original sound - Uploads of Fun

They also put an emphasis on Calvin (the younger of the two boys), who isn't QUITE old enough to understand some of the things he sees and hears on a daily basis, and from what we can tell, most of these are at least based on actual events that happened.  

@uploads_of_fun It is possible to be both! #uploadsoffun #fypシ #comedy #funnyvideo ♬ original sound - Uploads of Fun

But ultimately, it's mostly dad jokes, and his boys play along.


@uploads_of_fun Communication is key! #uploadsoffun #fypシ #comedy #funnyvideo ♬ original sound - Uploads of Fun

Now, don't get your underwear in a bunch over the language these kids use. It LOOKS like, for the most part, it's primarily kept to the app and content they produce. There have been several Live Events I've watched them on (where the collaborate with ANOTHER tik toker from Michigan), where the kids are actually very well behaved.

It's clear this family has their own, unique way of connecting with each other. If it requires a little profanity and some "questionable" content... so bet it. They're gonna learn about it eventually... might as well come from their parents.

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