The question is; should people who commit a crime punishable by some length of detention not be detained in a cell if they have children?

Well the community of Oshtemo Township Michigan, west of Kalamazoo, Board of Trustees have answered that question and they voted NO.

At their Township Board meeting on Tuesday they voted on a resolution denouncing the detention of families at the southern U.S. border.  Now the resolution has absolutely no legal weight but apparently there are not enough issues in Oshtemo Township to worry about so they wanted to use their time and the taxpayers money in that Township to vote on a federal issue with no legal weight.

What it did show us is the board does not believe any adults who have children in Oshtemo Township and break a law should not be locked up without their children.  At least that is what it tells me because I would not think that the members on the Board who voted for this would be hypocritical, do you?

Right now the Township contracts with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office to police their community and I can only assume that they have instructed the Sheriff’s office to not lock up anyone with children unless they reunite the children with their parents in detention.

I say this because I would not believe that the Oshtemo Township Board members who voted for this would think that citizens of the United States and legal immigrants should be treated any less than illegal immigrants or aliens.

Also Trustee Zak Ford was quoted in a Mlive article stating:

It goes against everything that our core values and mission says about us in Oshtemo, and as a representative of the residents of Oshtemo I would like to use this platform to speak out against this atrocity

Also Trustee Ken Hudok was quoted in that article stating:

Upholding our commitment to the community is a valid reason and justification for signing on a resolution of this nature

Those comments from the Trustee’s just bolsters my thought that they would in no way lock up parents caught breaking a crime in their Township without their children locked up with them or do they just let them go.

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