A Plainwell man is in the hospital after his pit bull turned on him. 

State Police at the Wayland post say it happened Saturday morning.

Police got a 911 call  around 10am from a woman who said that a dog had attacked her and was currently attacking her brother. Troopers arrived to find the injured woman and a man on his back on the ground, covered in blood, with a dog actively attacking him. The man said it was his dog and told troopers to shoot it. A trooper fired into the body of the dog during the attack, then it turned toward troopers and approached and was shot a second time, killing the animal. Troopers rendered first aid to the victims until Plainwell EMS arrived and transported both to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.

Investigation found that the 7 year old , 80+ pound pit bull was owned by the 56 year old Plainwell resident since it was a puppy. The owner stated that it had nipped at people in the past but never attacked. On this morning, the man’s 49 year old sister arrived at his house to give him a ride when the dog attacked and bit her hand and arm. The owner intervened to remove the dog when it turned on him and the sister called 911. He did not know what prompted the attack.

Both were treated at the hospital for serious tears and lacerations, and the owner has nerve damage and will need skin grafts if his arm can be saved. Both are being treated for rabies, and the dog was taken by troopers to a local veterinary hospital where the doctor forwarded the animal to MSU for rabies testing.

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