What is the craziest excuse you have used when calling into work letting them know that you will not be in?    Jim Dolson and Ben Jones of US Staffing were on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins to share a few, and talk about what making it a habit can mean.

They shared a few examples from Social Talent’s website:

  • A man was not feeling well enough to work one day. His official reason stated that he was “feeling all the symptoms of his expecting wife”!
  • A woman that clearly lived in a rural area. She said “an escaped buffalo from a game reserve kept charging at her every time she tried to get to her car”!
  • A woman called in and said, “my doctor told me that I need more vitamin D, so I need to take the day off work and go to the beach”.
  • A man explained that he did not come into work because he forgot that he was hired for the job.

Jim and Ben say sometimes employees calling off work can be a symptom of how they feel about where they work and their motivation to do their job.  They shared some ways to motivate employees from the Harvard Business Review.

Researchers found that when organizations use financial or emotional pressure to drive performance, employee motivation actually decreased.

  1. First stop applying financial and economic pressure as a motivational tool. You can do this by creating a culture that focuses on learning rather than employees fearing a high-pressure conversation with management, or negative consequences.
  2. The second activity to motivate employees is empowering employees to openly discuss their challenges and come up with solutions as a team. This can transform mediocre performers into top contributors.
  3. A third concept is to create a sense of purpose around the customer. Employers should help their employees connect every product they touch, or service they deliver, to their customer. Help people know how their work impacts customers.
  4. The last thing the article talked about was having active mentorship in the work place. Each employee typically has one or two functions that they are really good at in their job. Have each employee be responsible for mentoring one other employee.

If your efforts are not being recognized for the value that you bring to your company, or if you’re an employer looking for ambitious people who are determined to help your business grow, then you need to contact  US Staffing Agency.

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