Interesting that I was talking about a certain political party and how science matters in one issue they support (global warming) but it does not matter in another issue they support (transgender).

Then I come home and start preparing for tomorrow's show and Michigan democrats prove my point once again.

The Detroit News is reporting that the Michigan Senate voted today to prohibit local governments from enacting laws or regulations concerning the use of plastic bags and food containers.

The bill passed the Senate 25-12 on a mostly party line vote, Republicans voting for it and Democrats voting against it. The reason the democrats voted against the bill is what I find interesting and proving once again the points I made this morning on my show.

The reason for the bill is local municipalities are concerned the plastic bags and food containers will not disintegrate in their landfills quick enough. Many municipalities were looking to either ban the bags or charge people 10 cents or more per bag.

The interesting reason the democrats voted no is their great and time honored concern for local control and how they have fought for decades to stop the state or federal government from imposing their views on state or local governmental units. I could not stop laughing enough to finish this column so I had to put it down for a while.

In the Detroit News article state Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., D-Meridian Township was quoted stating:

We don’t need a one-size-fits-all state solution to every problem facing local governments. We need to let our communities and democracy work. If people decide to have their own rules when it comes to plastic bags, we should not have a statewide ban.

These are the same people who try their hardest everyday to squash local and state control in just about every facet of our lives. Their hypocrisy has no end.

This is the same party who does not want states to decide on their own on issues like homosexual marriage, transgender people using any bathroom they want or any number of other issues.

How do these people look themselves in the mirror?

Really I am not saying this facetiously, how do they actually live like this. They appear to have no moral compass for which they make their decisions. I make my decisions based on my morals, ethics and a baseline of beliefs, if I did not I could not look myself in the mirror each day.

This current democrat party seems to be only agenda driven and the end justifies the means. Who cares if we put women and children in danger as long as we can get more votes than we lose. I am sure they say we will not lose any votes, our voters are zombies and will vote for us no matter what we do.

Well the sad part is their voters have proven them right.

The bill now moves to the Michigan House for approval.

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