President Trump is taking on America's school leaders and the Centers for Disease Control in a double-barreled approach to reopening schools and related safety guidelines. The President is going so far as to tweet he may cut off funding to schools that fail to open.  Now, how that might be accomplished is another matter. But the thought is now on the table. The President is also pulling another rug out from under the Centers for Disease Control over the CDC’s recent school reopening guidelines.  CDC administrators say they are mere suggestions. But many states and education leaders take anything from the CDC essentially as marching orders. The president calls the CDC guidelines for schools “…very tough and expensive.”  The President Tweeted, while they (CDC) want them open, they are asking schools to do very impractical things.”

The President added he will be meeting with the CDC to review its school reopening ideas.  It’s not the first time the President has been critical of the CDC since the COVID-19 virus outbreak began.  Vice President Pence is saying the CDC will re-issuing guidance in the coming days for parents, caregivers, and schools.  There are indications some changes to what’s already been released are being prepared.

The CDC Director on Tuesday even reiterated that the agency’s back to school plan amounts to guidance, not requirements. CDC Director Robert Redfield is also trying to blunt some of the impact of his agency's guidelines by proclaiming the dangers presented by the virus to children and young people and the people they are in contact with appear low. One of the big question marks about schools reopening remains unionized teachers and whether unions will support teachers returning to classrooms.

Protesters at the Capital in Lansing

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