We heard over and over again how President Trump would profit personally from his Presidency on his companies overseas ventures.  Well apparently he has proven them wrong.

First of all you must know that President Trump no longer has any day-to-day involvement in running his companies, his son’s do.  Some might say that he still has control over what his son’s decide but I can only assume that he is extremely busy in running the country day-to-day.

That being said the Washington Times is reporting that on Monday President Trump wrote a check in the amount of $191,538 to cover the profits his company received “from events, hotel stays and other spending from foreign governments at their hotel in Washington and other locations in 2018”, and that is coming from The Associated Press.

His donation to our government was made to fulfill yet another promise made by Mr. Trump prior to his inauguration.

You should also know that President Trump promised that he would prevent any conflicts of interest by not personally negotiating deals with foreign entities as well as bringing in unaffiliated counsels to inspect domestic deals while he is in office.

Will this satisfy any of the Trump haters, I highly doubt it but it is President Trump fulfilling yet another campaign promise.  Unlike many of our elected politicians these days.

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