Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:06 AM, I will be interviewing Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson. Brian's column has appeared in the Detroit Free Press since 1998.

Brian wrote an article titled "'But the president does it': Parenting in the Trump age" over the weekend that peaked my interest.

In the article Brian ask's:

How should parents, grandparents and teachers and grandparents respond when the most visible man on the planet displays, on a daily basis, precisely the behaviors and character traits they hope to discourage in their children?

He went on to say:

The challenge for parents now as then is to remember what the newest occupant of the White House so regularly forgets: When a president speaks, no matter how thoughtlessly, cruelly or dishonestly, someone half as tall is bound to mistake him for a role model.

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday) this should be a fun interview.

Email me if you have any questions concerning his article.

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