I will be interviewing Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck, a Republican from Canton who represents Michigan’s 7th District, today on my show The Live with Renk Show at the top of the 11:00 hour.

Senator Colbeck wrote an opinion piece published in The Detroit News titled How to hold schools accountable".

In his piece he writes about third party transactions.  A third party transaction is when you:

purchase a service for someone else using someone else’s funds. Neither quality nor cost is a principle concern in your purchase decision. Importantly, almost all government transactions are third party transactions

Senator Colbeck writes that a:

first party transaction is when you purchase a service for your personal benefit with your personal funds. Quality and cost are both drivers in your purchase decision. A second party transaction is when you purchase a service for someone else using your personal funds (e.g. birthday gift). Cost is the primary driver while quality simply needs to pass the sniff test (Can you say “re-gifting”?)

Senator Colbeck believes the more we as citizens of a government promote government policies that feature first party transactions, the more we will promote higher quality services that cost less, depending on that service.  Currently education customers i.e. parents have virtually no say on how that money is spent.

Senator Colbeck believes that Michigan should create Education Savings Accounts (ESA's).  ESA's would put parents in direct control of how their education dollars are spent, thus promote competition.

Is it time to put parents in control of their children's education?

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