Back in 1984, GM's now defunct Pontiac division created some waves with a new mid-engine two-seater called the Fiero. It had been some time since a two-seater carried a Pontiac shield, and enthusiasts were excited.

These days, more Pontiac lovers are finding out GM considered making a Fiero with a back seat. The Fiero 2+2 concept might never have seen private ownership, were it not for the 2009 GM bankruptcy and eventual death of the Pontiac line.

Buddies Jeff Jones and Fred Bartemeyer, who went in on the 2+2 and now co-own it, say the car was sold by GM after Pontiac's demise. They casually asked the previous owner if he wanted to sell, and now they own it.

Jeff and Fred showed the car to an enthusiastic crowd at the 27th Indian Uprising All-Pontiac Show in St. Charles, Illinois. Click the player above to hear them talk about it.


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