People love crossovers. That's the lesson the auto market is learning right now, with sedan sales being replaced by sales of crossovers and SUVs.

Enter the 2018 Ford Escape, our latest Richard's Ride model from Lakeview Ford Lincoln. The Escape debuted as a redesigned, crossover model in 2013. It was a good formula, as the design has met with sales success. It was restyled and updated in 2017. The crossover Escape joins the F-150 as one of the best selling Ford models.

So, Ford carries much of the Escape formula for success into 2018. A trim level - the SEL trim, between SE and Titanium - is added for the 2018 model year.

This should bridge the gap between those who want a little more luxury in their Escape, but don't want to spring for the up-end Titanium. Click the player above and see more! See it in person at Lakeview Ford Lincoln in downtown Battle Creek.


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