You can tell the little town of Ridgeway is historic, just by driving thru and looking around at all the awesome old homes and other structures. But there is hardly anything written about it, even in histories of Lenawee County. Why is that?

I would love to tell you many interesting things about Ridgeway, but I'll have to do with what I have.

Ridgeway sits in Lenawee County, was settled around 1826, and later became a stop along the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Railroad. Nowadays you'd never know there was a railroad going through.

The area that became Ridgeway was occupied by Native Americans (“Lenawee” is Shawnee for “Indian”) and later became mostly farmland for later settlers. Ridgeway is surrounded by up to 50 glacial lakes throughout the county, which made it more than satisfactory for the native tribes and settlers.

Driving through Ridgeway, you'll see the old general store (now a home), many huge Victorian homes, and an apartment building that looks like it was once an old hotel. The old shops that used to be the downtown intersection at E. Monroe Rd. and Ridge Highway are now all homes.

There's an awesome old building that looks like it was once a one-room schoolhouse, now used as the Jonathan Hall Memorial Library.

That's all I could find about Ridgeway. Does anyone have anything to add? I'd like to find out a little more about it. There's obviously a story here someplace, but where?

By the way, there's an urban legend that says there is some kind of 'creature' and a poltergeist that haunts Ridgeway. You can read about that HERE.

You'll find Ridgeway sitting in the Lenawee County countryside on M-50, between Tecumseh and Dundee. Take a look at the gallery below!


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