In the upper right corner of Alpena County is the area of Rockport: no town, but a recreation area, dock.…and sinkholes. MANY sinkholes.

What are sinkholes?

Pits that are created when subsurface layers of earth erode or dissolve and collapse, causing great holes that sometimes hide under the earth crust, or completely open wide. Over time, some of these pits turn into small lakes and ponds, a few filled with fish.

The sinkhole area in the forests near Rockport are also rich with fossils found in & on the winding, hilly landscapes in the thick woods. These incredible fossils contain the impressions of prehistoric life going back over four hundred million years.

Among the rocks in the Rockport sinkhole area are puddingstones…normal size to large ones have been found.

If you venture into the sinkhole woods, watch your step…you never know where a hidden sinkhole will be. Feel free to fish & fossil hunt, but watch out for poison ivy!

Also visit the old Rockport dock and the limestone quarry while you're in the area.

Take a look at some photos below!



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