Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning parents and families to stay safe this holiday, with the gifts you give your children. A release from the Attorney General’s office points out that every three minutes a child is treated in a U.S. emergency room for a toy-related injury. In the 2020 Dangerous Toys Guide, there are a few tips on how to make informed, safe decisions while shopping over the holidays.

Some of the highlights from the guide are that small parts and game pieces may present a choking hazard for children, 2 years old or younger. Latex balloons are the main cause of toy-related choking fatalities in children. Similarly, button batteries can pose a serious risk to children, causing severe internal burns and even death if ingested. Many small toys use button batteries as well as other items such as remote controls, watches, key fobs, flameless candles, flashing decorations and even musical greeting cards.

Other details, on important toy decisions include high-powered magnets, loud noises and cords. Details on the associated risk can be found in the Dangerous Toys Guide.

Along with safety tips, the guide also provides a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, where you’ll find a complete list of recalled products.  You can also sign up for CPSC alerts about recalls of infant/child products.

If you have questions about the 2020 Dangerous Toys Guide or have a general consumer complaint, you can contact the Consumer Protection Team at 877-765-8388 or file a complaint online.

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