Sanctuary policies and sanctuary cities put federal immigration officers at risk, Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Sarah Saldana acknowledged yesterday.

According to the Daily Caller news site, when Representative Mick Mulvaney from South Carolina asked the director “Does the sanctuary city program put your field personnel at more risk than they would be otherwise?” her reply was:

Yes, having to go into a jurisdiction, into somebody’s home, when we could have gotten them at a local sheriff’s or police department, yes, it does put them at risk.

If this is true Ms. Saldana, why do you not support policies that would force these cities to no longer be sanctuary cities?

The congressman asked Ms. Saldana if she supported withholding federal funds or other strategies to force sanctuary cities to start cooperating with the federal government.

Her response was:

State and local governments don’t want the federal government to tell them what to do.

Congressman Mulvaney then asked Ms. Saldana about the risks that sanctuary policies pose to the American people. She replied “I don’t know what the sanctuary city program is, sir”.

You do not know what a sanctuary city program is. Really?

How do you state on one hand that sanctuary cities “does put them at risk” and then later state that you have no idea what a sanctuary city program is?

Tough question to answer wouldn’t you say?

How can you be the Director of ICE and have no idea what a sanctuary city program is?

Would you want to work for a Director who either does not know the issues that you face as a federal agent, or who is unwilling to admit them?

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