The big talk of the town these days is if Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is backsliding on his primary promise to deport all illegal immigrants.

If you believe that is what he wanted to do, and if you believe the “evolving” of his stance to deporting all illegal immigrants who have committed a crime is a backslide, the question is do you care?  Some are saying the “evolving” on this issue seems to be taking a position that President Obama has.  To that I say, not really.  President Obama says that he is only deporting illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes.  What I am hearing from Donald Trump is he will first start with deporting illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes, and then work our way down to lesser crimes.  Sounds reasonable to me, how about you?

Did you ever believe he could (legally) or would deport over 11 million illegal aliens?

Did you want a mass deportation of all these people who broke our immigration laws?

I was never looking for a mass deportation, but I was and am looking for a building of a wall on our southern border as well as beefed up patrols on that border.  The deportation of all illegal aliens here was not a number one priority of mine, so if he does not pursue that policy I really do not care.

Most right minded individuals always wanted to first secure our borders and then deal with the illegal immigrants who are here.  How we would deal with them was and is up for debate.  The issue with me and millions of others is, you first have to secure our borders and stop the bleeding before you can tackle the issue of what to do with the millions of people who have broken our immigration laws, that includes those who have overstayed their visas.  That just makes sense to intelligent, thinking people in my view.

I can tell you what we as Americans will get if Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is elected, and that is open borders and amnesty for all.

Is that what you want?

Or is it time for a change in attitude and policy about our immigration problem?

Only time will tell.

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