Driving along Stadium in Kalamazoo the other day I realized that the Save-A-Lot sign was removed off the building and was left super confused. It was only a month or so ago I went in to grab a few things early on a Sunday morning, but had not even heard that they would be closing permanently. Then after I saw that the building was empty I did some digging on social media and found a few posts that confirmed they would be shutting down for good:

To our valued loyal customers. I want you to know that Save A Lot food store on stadium dr. Kalamazoo will be closing its doors permanently on Feb 27th. We at the store have enjoyed serving you all for the last 7 years, and thank you all.

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This may be an issue many of these stores are facing, as one man made a comment that may allude to other struggling Save-a-Lots in Michigan:

I know owners of multiple save a lots. Cost increases and the pandemic have made their businesses very difficult. Large retailers have taken a toll. It is tough on these mostly locally owned proprietorships.

What's Next?

In another post separately, somebody made the claim that the buildings owners want $10,000 a month for rent, although we haven't been able t find a listing to confirm that. One person even made a claim in one feed I came across saying that the new business that would be moving in COULD be a Gordon Foods (perhaps from inside information), but we'll have to wait until we get signage to really know.

It's sad they had to close down. Miss Nancy & Miss Minnie were two figures in particular who have always been super kind, nice and even took the time to joke with me from the times I did visit the store.

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