Over the last few years I've seen some stories around the internet about people who have a small, fairly cheap object that they periodically upgrade through trade and end up with something really valuable. There's a TikToker from Zeeland, Michigan near Grand Rapids who has decided to do just that, and she's already made some serious progress, as she is hoping to trade up from a single Orbeez all the way up to a Tesla; But can she do it?

I reached out to Selena Norinh who is trying to accomplish the unthinkable to talk about how this all got started and the progress she's made already:

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I started this Journey April 9! My dream is to be a content creator and I wanted to do something that would challenge myself and help me practice good story telling. I started with an Orbed. I posted an add on Holland Informed and Facebook Market Place and IMMEDIATELY starting getting traction and offers. I received a lot of questionable offers... People asking if I'd trade for a Dirty Sock, a single skittle or even people offering to give me their CATS.

She then went on to elaborate how she took her trade in to the next level:

I got a message from a family in Kzoo saying they have a brand new Razor Scooter that has light up wheel they could trade me. SOO the next day I drove 1 hour to meet them and make our first trade. A lot of people were excited about this first trade. That afternoon I made the announcement about the first trade and asked if there was anyone who had anything to trade. Me for this GLORIOUS Razor Scooter. Then I received a message from a Women in Holland that had this bike that they didn't use anymore! So far this is where I've gotten!! I'm sooo excited to see where this story goes Im willing to do whatever it takes!! Its all about the Journey to get there! 

You can see the progress she's made below on her TikTok:

@selena.d.norinh Trading and Orbee to a Tesla Part 3!! I can’t believe this happened 😱😭 #orbeez#orbeezechallenge @orbeezone #orbeetotesla#tesla#trade#sendhelp♬ It's Tricky - RUN DMC

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