It is a very simply question yet depending on what a Governor does its impact is large.

When someone holds the top political position in the state should they pick sides when it comes to differences between businesses in their state and workers?

For the second time in the UAW’s 7 day strike against General Motors Michigan’s Governor has taken to the picket lines to picket against a major job provider in our state.  Yesterday Governor Whitmer walked the picket line in front of the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant.

I wanted to stop by and support the UAW members that are striking…Every one of us has benefitted from organized labor in this state…Anyone who’s got the weekend off, or who works 40 hours a week, or has got benefits, time with their family, we’ve benefitted.

Yesterday was “Solidarity Sunday” and Michigan’s Governor Whitmer decided to show solidarity with Union workers and show her support against a major job provider in Michigan.  What do you think the people who run GM are thinking about that?

If you had a business here in Michigan would you look to expand it as long as the Democrats are in power?

More importantly if you had a business you were looking to relocate from another state or start up in a state would you choose Michigan as long as the Democrats were in power?

What if another Governor of Michigan or any other state was to show solidarity with a business and against the workers, how would the unions and Democrats feel?

This is not a partisan question or piece, I do not believe any Governor from any Party should fully stand behind one part of a dispute between workers and businesses in their state and against the other.

The Governor is supposed to be for all the people in their state not just ones who they believe are part of their political party.  Governor’s should stay neutral when it comes to contract disputes between businesses, their employees and unions.

By the way after leaving the Flint picket line, Governor Whitmer was planning on stopping at the GM facility in Saginaw to join that strike against GM.

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