In the Huron-Manistee National Forest, along the banks of the Pere Marquette River, lies the "Shrine of the Pines" between Clare and Ludington, three miles south of Baldwin.

So what is it and what's so amazing about it?

The Shrine of the Pines is an incredible work of art, all done by one man, using nothing but hand tools: saws, hammers, nails, etc. No fancy instruments, just all hand-made from normal everyday tools.

Cabin, furniture, statues, chairs, tables...all done by hand.

The man responsible for all these is Raymond W. Overholzer who handcrafted and hand-carved EVERYTHING here way back in 1941: a three-room cabin and all the furniture and objects within --- over 200 furnishings --- all by himself. This work was Raymond's way of honoring Michigan's state tree, the white pine. He recognized the beauty of wood - especially white pine - and wanted to do something to display it for all to see.

(SIDENOTE: When Chicago, Illinois was practically wiped out by fire from October 8-10, 1871, this section of Michigan was being logged & lumbered to rebuild Chicago.)

The 'Shrine of the Pines' is a cool little place to stop and see on a Michigan roadtrip...and it's just three miles south of another great Michigan side-stop, the town of Baldwin.


Check out the photo gallery above, with pics taken from the video below. 


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