Do people really need to be told this? The Lowell Police Department has issued a graphic reminder of the danger of getting too close to snow plows while they do their work.

There's that satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you finally get the entire driveway cleared, and it comes: the plow. Your sworn enemy, the city snow plow is coming and it is about to erase all your hard work and bury the end of your drive in 3 feet of the heaviest snow, costing you more backbreaking effort when all you want to do is get back inside to a hot toddy and Netflix.

Apparently, some Lowell residents are taking matters into their own hands as the police department has issued a warning not to joust with the snow plow drivers.

A gruesome warning to would-be Darwin Award winners who think they can win the battle of man vs machine. In the end, Mother Nature always wins in Michigan.

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