Listen, I am the worst speller of words that I know, and I write these silly articles for a living. I misspelled two words typing that lede sentence out and even misspelled misspelled for good measure. Thanks, Grammarly, for always having my back.

Storytime: I lost a spelling bee in fourth or fifth grade because I misspelled America. The dumbfounded look my teacher and I shared between us haunts my dreams to this day. In a college class with about 100 students in the room, I was roasted by my professor for misspelling "disappointed" in a live class Twitter feed that was shown on the TVs at the front of the class where the presentations were shown. Needless to say, I don't misspell those words anymore.

Michigan, you are not alone in struggling to arrange the varying combinations of our 26 letters of the alphabet to form common, everyday words. Spelling is hard.

Because there is a national day for nearly everything under the sun, October 16 is National Dictionary Day. In honor of the day, Betway scoured Google Search Volumes to determine which words each state's residents struggle to spell the most. Each state has a top 10 list of the most frequently searched words following the prompt "How to spell...", and Michigan's are fairly understandable.

Now, you won't see the real common pet peeves for hardcore grammar enthusiasts. So, I'll lend a helping hand on a few.

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  • Our refers to a group possession, Are is a word used for "is" or "to be"
  • There is a place, They're is "They Are", their is a group possession
  • Too is used for additional information or abundance, To is used in any other circumstance
  • Your is possessive, You're is "You Are":

Don't even ask me about lie, lay, and laid. I'm not an English teacher, just a goof who writes on the internet.

Here are the 10 words Michiganders seem to struggle to spell the most.

10 Words Michiganders Can't Seem to Spell Properly

Michiganders ask Google how to spell these words most often, according to Betway. In honor of National Dictionary Day, we'll include the definition of each word from

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