This morning reports came in that a Calhoun County woman had crashed her vehicle into a swamp. Would you know what to do if this was you?


According to WWMT, the woman was able to pull both herself and her 4 year-old child out of the vehicle before it got too far into the swamp. The woman called for help and the authorities arrived to find that the driver and child were not seriously injured. It is reported that the accident was due to possible black ice, a condition that was the cause of several accidents across the state on Thursday morning, February 4.


If the thought of being involved in an accident that lands your car in a body of water scares you, you're not alone. There are several fears that this situation could trigger, some classify as phobias such as Cleithrophobia, the fear of being stuck or trapped in a small space. Or perhaps you're just terrified of being in an accident at all. Either way, with the Michigan winter being upon us, you need to be prepared!


Get These Tips For What To Do If You're Involved In A Car Accident:

  • Denver Post via Getty Images
    Denver Post via Getty Images

    Move To Safe Area

    If at all possible, you want to get out of your vehicle and move to safety. This could happen in several different scenarios, so think through this before you get on the road during dangerous conditions. If you land in a body of water, you want to exit through the upper most portion of your vehicle to get to safety and dry land. If you're on the highway, move away from your vehicle and if possible, on a hill or across the median. If you spun out on a patch of ice, it is likely another car could too, and it could land right where you're standing.

  • Credit: Thinkstock
    Credit: Thinkstock

    Call For The Police And Seek Help

    If you or others involved are injured, it has to be a priority to call for help. You never want to assume that passer-bys are calling to report the accident. You need to get help there as soon as possible, and check on the other people involved. This goes by the same rule as when in an airline and the oxygen drops. Help yourself, then proceed to help others involved.  The average time it takes for police to arrive is seven minutes. In bad weather or poor road conditions this timeline could be even longer, you have to call immediately.

  • Credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
    Credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    Be Prepared BEFORE The Accident

    Especially during the winter, you never know how far a preparedness kit will take you if you encounter an accident. Keep a small hammer or other tools in your glove compartment to assist in getting out of your vehicle in the case of an accident. With examples such as a car in a body of water, sometimes the pressure from the water on your doors and windows could affect you exiting as usual. If you travel decent distances during the winter, be sure you have proper winter gear, bottled water, first aid kit and other useful items in case your car breaks down or you find yourself in a compromising situation. There are tons of great ideas here. 

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