Miracle League For Kids With Disabilities Coming To Schoolcraft
Now some kids in Southwest Michigan once excluded from baseball will truly have "a league of their own."
The Southwest Michigan Miracle League broke ground on what will be home to their new baseball facility on Wednesday. It's not just any baseball facility, but one that allows kids to hit …
Baseball's Plans For the 2020 Season
Sports leagues all around the world are trying to find ways to continue their season and Major League Baseball's plans might happen sooner than other leagues.
Report: Detroit Tigers Legend Al Kaline Dies at 85
For an entire generation and more, there wasn't a classier, more dignified, icon of what it meant to be a Detroit Tiger than Al Kaline. For 22 years on the field, and twice that off it as a broadcaster, executive and ambassador for the team, Kaline was synonymous with the Detroit Tigers. The De…

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