Parents of Bullies Could be Jailed
Do you think the parents of children who bully other children should face financial penalties and jail time?
Well a town in northern New York does.
The New York Daily news is reporting on a new law in North Tonawanda New York that just approved a new law which would do exactly that...
The Trump Effect
Many of us of heard of the “Trump Effect” concerning what liberal pundits and a minority of teachers are stating that there is an uptick of bullying in schools due to the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump.
Renk interviews NEA/MEA Member Concerning Bullying
Well you heard Hillary Clinton in the last debate mention what the liberals are calling the "Trump Effect" which they say has caused increased bullying in our schools over this election cycle.  The month of October is  National Bullying Prevention month and the NEA (…
Bullies, Football and Coaches Reaction
Don’t you think athletic coaches at the K-12 level would be the perfect people to address bullying by their players, I would but apparently others do not?
A volunteer football coach of 4th through 6th graders dealt with a player of his who was bullying by having him run some laps arou…

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