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Man Displaying Rifle Locks Down Homer Schools
Some tense moments in the Village of Homer yesterday afternoon. But things are quiet today. A man was spotted mid-afternoon walking in the village business district. He had a rifle clearly visible, slung across his chest. He also carried two handguns on his belt.
MI's CCW Bills Pass House
The Michigan House approved bills (House bills 4416 through 4419) mostly on a party line vote that would allow any legal firearm owner to carry that firearm concealed without a permit or mandatory training.
The main piece of legislation, House bill 4416, passed 59-49...
Take Their Guns Away
The Democrat Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe and his Attorney General believe that guns in the hands of citizens are dangerous, so Virginia’s General Assembly is saying fine then let’s take your guns away.
It is being reported by The Daily Caller that Governor McAuliffe and his Attorney General …