Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Governor Whitmer Extends Unilateral Virus Emergency
The move is happening at a time when the emergency powers of a Michigan Governor are under extreme scrutiny from the state legislature and a massive petition drive challenging the state law from the 1940's she is using as the foundation for what some call a power grab.
How Can One Judge Wield So Much Control?
The Republican Party is attempting to block a court ruling that allows absentee ballots that show up as long as two weeks after election day from being counted. Both national and state party offices and leaders are involved in the attempt to block a ruling from the State Court of Claims. The ruling …
Trick Or Treating Is Allowed - Sort Of
The Whitmer administration in Lansing, to the surprise of many, is not ordering a halt to Halloween trick or treating this year. The state Health and Human Services Department believes there are safe ways for kids and parents to have fun but still stay safe...
High School Sports in Southern Michigan "Soon"
Gymnasiums and indoor recreational facilities have remained closed in Michigan as we inch closer to six months of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was hope of an announcement Wednesday that would open these businesses and especially for high school sports in our area.

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