Empty Restaurants Don't Pay The Bills
More than 4 dozen restaurants and bars in the Detroit area are going after Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the new director of the state Health and Human Services Department for literally taking their businesses away from them.
So Many Applicants - So Little Money
Rather than take the applications based on the submission date and grant the earlier applicants the full $1,650, the association is deciding to spread the money out so more people will at least get something. $45 million divided by 90,000 ends up at $500.
How Much Should You Tip for Curbside Pickup?
Although tipping the full cost of your bill might not be in your budget, it really is important to remember that we are still getting a service and being served, therefore should tip appropriately. COVID has changed the name of a lot of games, but our favorite places and our neighbors who work there…

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