Remember 9-11-01
Today is the sixteenth anniversary of a tragic day in American History. It is a day to remember those who we lost, mourn the tragedy of their passing, and draw inspiration from the courage with which they faced death. Today, we honor the courageous passengers of flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania...
Officer Stabbed In Flint Attack
A law enforcement official says the FBI is looking at terrorism as a possible motive in the stabbing of an officer at the Flint, Michigan, airport. The official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the individual wasn't able to publicly discuss it says the investigation of the Wednesday morning assault at Bishop International Airport is in its early stages. A sec...
Trump Worse Than a Terrorist
Is it fair to say that President Trump is worse than a terrorist? Apparently Democrat Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier from California believes so. The East Bay Times is reporting that Congressmen Mark DeSaulnier held a town hall style meeting at a California Middle School last week An eleven year old 6th grader at the town hall stood up and told the Democrat Congressmen how the her mother cried on ele
Worst Terrorists? Americans!
What group of terrorist should you be more concerned with, according to the Obama Administration and the Democrat party? Is it ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, AQAP, Ansar al-Sharia, Bobo Haram, Occupy Wall Street? No! According to reporting by the Washington Times, the Obama Administration's new Department of Homeland Security intelligence assessment circulated this month focused on the threat of right-wing
ISIS: What To Do?
I was surprised today when I saw a headline in The Daily Caller titled, “Chris Matthews U.S. Being ‘Morally Humiliated’ In Fight Against ISIS.” I thought to myself, "Here is an extreme left-winger pundit who has the same feelings about what is going on in the Middle East as I do...