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Poll ?: Anchor Babies
Birthright Citizenship is defined as "A legal right to citizenship for all children born in a country’s territory, regardless of parentage."
Is it time to end it in the United States?
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Anchor Babies No More?
Did you know that approximately 10% of babies born in the U.S. are born to illegal immigrants each year?
As being reported in an article in Breitbart News, Center for Immigration Studies legal policy analyst Jon Feere testified before a House panel Wednesday informing them of the 10% figure...
Government Spent $300,000 To Study How Bikes Work
I do not know any other way to say this but just straight forward. I am not joking about this. Those of us who actually pay Federal Income taxes are not going to like this.
The Obama Administration through the National Science Foundation (NSF) spent $300,000 of your taxpayer dollars studying how huma…