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Chanting USA Could Be Racist
A high school in California, Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom,  has warned their students against chanting 'USA' at sporting events in case it offends students of 'different ethnicities'.
A local CBS affiliate is reporting that the principal of Vista del Lago in Folsom, sent an email to parents o…
Interview with Author of Trump and the Resurrection of America
Today I interviewed John Michael Chambers, author of the new book Trump and the Resurrection of America.
John was a financial advisor and now is an author of several books and public speaker.
John spoke about a few things you will find in his book such as:
Peace and Moral Relativism
If I was to ask you what country do you believe is the most peaceful in the world, would you think that the United States is number one?
Would you think that the United States ranks in the top 10?
Would you think the US ranks in the top 20, 30, 40 or 50...
Childhood Poverty
Does the United States have “the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country”?
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont thinks that we do.  Yes the same Senator Bernie Sanders who is running for President in the Democrat Primary...
Where is Michigan?
What is going on in our schools today?
We have been discussing this issue on my program for a while and now new data is discovered that begs the question again, what is going on in our schools today?
CNS News is reporting about a report to Congress by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that st…
Poll ?: Anchor Babies
Birthright Citizenship is defined as "A legal right to citizenship for all children born in a country’s territory, regardless of parentage."
Is it time to end it in the United States?
Please let us know your thoughts by taking our poll:
Anchor Babies No More?
Did you know that approximately 10% of babies born in the U.S. are born to illegal immigrants each year?
As being reported in an article in Breitbart News, Center for Immigration Studies legal policy analyst Jon Feere testified before a House panel Wednesday informing them of the 10% figure...

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