Opinions vary on how early you should put up Christmas decorations and so does how long after the holiday you should leave them up. There is no consensus, but there are several people with differing personalities when it is time to tuck away the tinsel and toss out the tree (or, for "fake tree" owners, stuff it back in the box that's falling apart).

So we've narrowed it down to five types of people when it comes to packing up the Christmas season until next time. Which type are you?

1. December 26th (Not Soon Enough)

Some people are probably itching to get the living room and yard back to normal before the sun sets on the 25th. We're guessing you aren't the type who has light displays synced up to Trans-Siberian Orchestra that you can see from outer space.You're a 'Christmas minimalist' and can pack it up pretty fast. Perhaps it all fits into one tote?

2. Around New Year's Day (Normal)

This seems to be the most popular time for many. January 1st is a full week after Christmas and another day off for many. As you recover from the New Year's Eve hangover and watch football bowl games (or maybe hockey), you also gather the kids up to help put Santa Claus, baby Jesus, and the other ornaments and decor in their respective 1986 red Nike shoe boxes.

3. January 6th (Understandable)

You are the 'I wait for The Epiphany person'. January 6th is technically the twelfth day of Christmas and marks when the Three Wise Men are said to have arrived to visit baby Jesus (who some have already put away, RE: 1986 red Nike shoe box). This is the latest you should wait, according to some who believe that waiting too long after the Twelfth Night will bring bad luck. You don't want that along with the January credit card bills, do you?

4. Mid-January (You're losing me)

Maybe you worked really hard to put all of those decorations up the day after Halloween and want to milk it? Maybe you're trying to hold off the winter blues as long as possible? Maybe you're the worst type of procrastinator in the world? Maybe... but you're starting to bring the rest of us down (even though it literally should be no business of ours to begin with about any of this). But, it is time to get on it buddy.

5. Way Too Late (What is wrong with you?)

The Super Bowl is over and baseball spring training starts soon for crying out loud.


Wait, there's one more...

Never (You don't count and shouldn't be allowed to decorate)

Don't be this person.




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