A former Michigan resident is getting slammed by wrong number calls, thanks to Team Trump. According to Fox 17 West Michigan, in an ongoing effort to overturn the election results, President Donald’s Trump campaign has taken to social media, urging residents to call the personal cellphones of lawmakers in several swing states, including Michigan.

The prompt on Sunday, from the Trump campaign post, instructed supporters to call and ask the lawmakers to “hear the evidence, correct false statements and demand vote on decertification.”

Team Trump posted cellphones numbers for Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey. The campaign also attempted to post the number for former state House Speaker Lee Chatfield, but the wrong number was listed. A  former Northern Michigan resident happens to share the same area code as the posted number and is getting flooded with calls. They want to remain anonymous but told Fox 17 on Monday that they were receiving hundreds and hundreds of calls and texts. They also told Fox that they were left with no other option except to change their number.

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According to the victim, who now lives in California, most of the callers are understanding, although some insist that the number must belong to the former House speaker, as it was posted by an official source.

“I’ll be like this isn't Lee and they'll be like ‘this has got to be the number that was posted’ and I'm like well it was the wrong number.”

They plan on changing that number as soon as possible.

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