This fall, Territorial Brewing Company will mark five years in business in Battle Creek.   They opened in November of 2014 at 256 North Helmer Road in Springfield.   Soon, they’ll be moving, but not far.  Tim Davis, Head of Brewing Operations, was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, and officially broke the news that has been rumored for several months.   He says they’ve signed a lease and they’ll be re-locating the restaurant and tap room to 1600 Avenue A in Springfield, the sight of the old Spring Brook Golf Course and Ale House Restaurant.

1600 Avenue A-Google Street View

“It’ll mean more space for us, a lot more parking, and a tremendous amount of land that, quite frankly, we don’t know what to do with yet.”

The golf course was built in 1972, and, along with the restaurant, has not been open this year, but a disc golf course exists there.  Davis says the owner of the current location on Helmer Road is putting the building up for sale.  Right now, he says they’re in there renovating and remodeling the Avenue A building.  Davis says there are some hurdles with licensing to get past, but it’s possible that Territorial Brewing Company could re-locate by Labor Day.  Davis says he hopes another Kraft Brewery, another neighborhood brew-pub, might move into the Helmer location.

Davis says they’ve brewed about 40 different beers over the five years, and have a few big sellers that keep them busy.  He says they used to have to brew in the kitchen on Helmer Road in the middle of the night, but in the last year or so they have a new building to brew beer, and they have doubled their output to 800 barrels annually. He says they’ll continue to brew where they are now.

“One thing that we’ve always wanted is to have an outdoor beer garden, “says Davis.  Here we have a 64 acre space that we’re leasing.   It’s quite possible that we could have a beer garden with Helmer Creek running right through it.  It would be a great place for entertainment, weddings, and other events.”

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