A bouquet of bravos.  A snappy tip-o-the cap to everyone who called with pledges during this year's Roof Sit, benefiting the Haven and Inasmuch House.  The families that are served by this wonderful program, the staff at WBCK/WBXX and the Haven offer very sincere thanks.

Through YOUR generosity, we reached and surpassed our $45,000 goal!  Final totals are not in as yet, but when we left the air on Saturday afternoon, we were near $46,000.  Once again, you have proven yourselves as very generous people.  A community who knows and understand the benefit that Inasmuch House provides.  You see the fruits of their labors, and you wish to support that fruit.  Good on YOU.

Of course, we had a thunderstorm.  Natch.  Lighting was a tad scary, but we made it off safety with no deck hands lost at sea.

A HUGE thank you to Chad and Tina at CTI Mechanical.  They have long been supporters of the Haven and it's programs.  They made their facilities available to us to use, and they couldn't have been more gracious.  Lovely hosts, indeed.  (And Jeff is sorry for eating the leftover chicken salad sandwich in the fridge.  He was hungry.)  Continued blessings for your family and business!

Next year?  Who knows.  We'll see you then.


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