The beauty of nature cannot be recreated by humans, it has been said and it is true that nature can really create some beautiful scenes.  Once again this has been proven as Mlive brought to my attention a video shot by Caitlin Huber of ice sheets that look like glass lapping the shore of White Lake, near Muskegon, in Whitehall Michigan.

These thin glass like ice sheets form when our weather fluctuates between cold air and very warm air in the Great Lakes Region.
A woman by the name of Caitlin Huber shot the video below while walking her dog along White Lake.  She was quoted in the Mlive piece saying:

It was really loud. That’s actually how I even discovered it," Huber said. "I was walking my dog with a podcast on at full volume, but it was so loud that it got my attention!

As often as possible it is quite therapeutic to step away from the daily stresses of life and just admire the beauty of nature.

Yes even this talk show host can put aside the crazy and chaotic issues of the day and relax with the beauty of nature.


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