We did a lot of work outside this weekend. One yellow flower became the source of debate. My wife thought it was Goldenrod and dangerous. I thought it sounded like the bad guy from an Austin Powers movie. It was clearly not Goldmember. That doesn't bloom here until the fall. So, I took to social media to settle the debate.

The first comment from Brent was huge. I downloaded that plant identification app and went crazy. I started snapping pics of everything in my yard to test it out. It was pretty accurate. I think? At least it matched a lot of what others were saying.

There were some pretty dangerous things growing in my yard though. Leaves of 3 leave it be. Not all leaves of three will leave you itching. Some will leave you burning and itching and don't have 3 leaves.

I have found so much peace reshaping my yard. For years, I would get poison ivy, sumac. Get bit by crazy spiders, stung by nasty hornets. I had more trips to the doctor for yard injuries.

For the last 4 years, I have reshaped the entire yard for my daughter. So she could have a safe place to play. Not walk into some poison ivy or get stung by an underground hive of bees.

Now, equipped with my app the internet told me about... I will be unstoppable.

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