Michigan has had its share of 'worst criminals'...but what is considered to be Michigan's worst prison?

Based on crime rate and living conditions, the following information was culled by – and according to – prisons.info.com. The data used for this information was based on these factors:

a) Drug overdoses
b) Facilities not being upgraded
c) Guards unnecessarily send inmates to solitary confinement
d) Inmate fights and prison gangs
e) Inmates are forced to do excessive work without compensation
f) Outnumbered guards exerting excessive force on inmates
g) Overcrowding, leading to some inmates having to sleep on the floor
h) Poor hygiene and sanitation

Again, according to prisons.com, these are the top five worst prisons in Michigan:

1. The top worst prison is the Ionia Correctional Facility. The prison was founded in 1987 and is plagued with problems:
Drug abuse
Health & hygiene problems
Prison fights
Questionable deaths of inmates

Guards are assaulted due to a shortage of staff employees. The shortage is a reason why guards end up sending some inmates to solitary – if someone is suspected of impending trouble, they are sent to solitary.

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2. The Carson City Correctional Facility in Carson City. In 2019, an inmate somehow sneaked his cell phone into the prison and took video of the deplorable conditions. It showed rampant drug use and gang fights, causing authorities to finally take some action. However, the 'action' was taken on the inmate who took the video.

3. The Central Michigan Correctional Facility There is an abundance of inmates out of control. With little prison staff authority, some inmates have to succumb to bigger & stronger cellmates. There are also reports of many fights and riots.

4. Ernest C. Brooks Correctional Facility in Muskegon. Due to overcrowding, many inmates cannot take advantage of the many good programs the prison has to offer. Also many riots and fights; poor health, hygiene, sanitation, and common deaths.

5. Newberry Correctional Facility located in Luce County in the Upper Peninsula. Notorious for inmate fighting, drug use, and many escapes. The reason there are so many escapes is because “the inmates believe the only way to get rid of such a terrible place is to try to escape the prison altogether”.

Again, this information was culled from data by prisonsinfo.com. Any comments on its credibility should be sent to them.

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