A lonely dirt road brings you to the one point where Michigan, Indiana and Ohio all meet. Take a look at the Great Lakes states only tri-point.

How to Get There

The point is at 41.696, -84,806 and is found along a dirt road that's either 1000E (in Steuben County, Indiana) or County Road 1 (in Williams County, Ohio). The road is a southerly turn off Indiana State Road 120/Toledo Street, which becomes Territorial Road in Michigan.

It's pretty unlikely you'll encounter another traveler on the road, so you'll have plenty of freedom in checking out the large memorial boulder in the image above. But note that's not the actual tri-point. You'll need to walk about just over 100 feet south to find a small granite marker in the roadside weeds.

The tripoint is about 4.4 miles south of the northeast corner of Indiana. But that boundary with Michigan isn't quite so easy to find. Mellon Road to the west and Todd Road to the east both pass the point about 1200 feet on ether side.

Video Visits

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