Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congresswoman from California, famously said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show back in 2013:

The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that…We cannot have cuts just for the sake of cuts.

Really Nancy “the cupboard is bare”, then why are we spending over $230,000 to increase diversity of Veterinarians?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the “U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending over $200,000 on "enhancing diversity" of veterinarians”.

A grant of our taxpayer dollars was given to Tuskegee University in Alabama earlier this year to host workshops and seminars entitled, "So You Want to Be A Vet”.  Their goal is to attempt to recruit minorities into veterinary programs.

According to the grant for this project:

The need to feed the ever increasing human population, forecast to reach over 9 billion worldwide by 2050 is clear, resulting in an increasing need to fill the shortage of scientists and professionals trained in food and agricultural sciences, including food animal veterinary medicine…As concerted efforts are made to fill this void, it is imperative that underrepresented minorities be included as part of the solution.

Does it really matter what ethnicity your Veterinary doctor is?

According to our government they must spend this $230,000 plus of taxpayer dollars to:

increase the number of underrepresented minorities entering veterinary school with an emphasis in food animals

The liberal “news” site the Huffington Post has called veterinary medicine in the United States the "whitest profession in America”.  Really the "whitest profession in America”, maybe they should look at the color of their editorial board members, it looks pretty white to me.

You should also be aware that according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Tuskegee University has received over $7 million in our taxpayer dollars from the federal government to recruit minorities into its veterinary program.

Again what does a person’s ethnicity have to do with animals, do the animals really care who is taking care of them, I would think not.

Do people really believe the “cupboard is bare” and there is nowhere in the budget to cut?

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