A recent Harris Poll reported by a number of outlets, including Bloomberg News, ranked the top companies we love - and the top ones we don't love. Here they are:

Harris Top Ten Companies We Love

1. Wegmans
2. Amazon
3. Samsung
4. Costco
5. Johnson & Johnson
6. Kraft Foods
7. L.L. Bean
8. Publix Supermarkets
9. Apple
10. Google

Harris Bottom Ten Companies

1. Goldman Sachs
2. AIG
3. Dish Network
4. Monsanto
5. Halliburton
6. Sears Holding
7. Koch Industries
8. Comcast
9. Charter Communications
10. Bank of America

Coming up on The Richard Piet Show Thursday, February 23, we'll talk about this list - and what companies you would put at the top - or bottom.

What companies are your favorites who you think deserve some love? And, what companies do you wish would kick it up a few notches (no mudslinging, please; use constructive criticism)?

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