With Food Trippin' In The Mitten making its rounds all over the Battle Creek area, I may have found their next stop at this local taco place that just took home the Detroit Taco Showdown title. Over 14 different restaurants and taquerias from around the state provided tacos for the showdown and Torti Taco of Battle Creek took home the title for best tacos.

Owner, Javier Fortoso told Freep that he used Suadero, the meat from the belly of a cow that is known for its tenderness as the base of the taco. It was served in a warmed corn tortilla, grilled onions and cilantro and garnished with lime wedges, radishes and a creamy tomatillo salsa.

The winning dishes were decided in a "NCAA Tournament" style bracket where tacos were given a score and the top scored tacos moved on to the next round. Looks like I'm are gonna have to make a stop and try these award winning tacos!



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