Progress is being made in a voluntary tracking system in Calhoun County for those with dementia which as the potential to save lives.

Miles for Memories has been working with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department and other stakeholders to create a activity tracker-like bracelet which can allow a person with dementia to be reunited with their families or caregivers faster if they wander.

The bracelet would contain information about the person - as much as their family wishes to share - which can assist someone who finds them if they are wandering. The information can be accessed via smart phone app.

Click the player above to hear more on the "Help Home" program from Miles for Memories volunteer Steve Frisbie of Life Care Ambulance.

Courtesy Miles for Memories - Sherii Sherban
Courtesy Miles for Memories - Sherii Sherban


BONUS VIDEO - Miles for Memories' Sherii Sherban Discusses The Benefits of an ID Bracelet for Those with Dementia


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