The W.K. Kellogg Airport will be known under a new name in the near future.

The Battle Creek City Commission approved the name change during their regular meeting December 3rd in a unanimous 6-0 vote, with Mayor Mark Behnke and Commissioners Susan Baldwin and Jim Lance absent.

The airport will become the Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field. It will become the seventh name official name change since the airport opened in 1925 as the Battle Creek Airport. The re-branding has been in the process since the completion of the airport’s Strategic Business Plan in 2017.

The intent of the re-branding is to have the airport recognized as the local and international airport of choice in Southwest Michigan for aviation education, general aviation, military, air cargo and non-scheduled air carrier services, according to the City Commission agenda notes. This is all done with developing and using the airport's assets in a financially self-sufficient matter.

Ted Dearing, Assistant City Manager of Community and Economic Development, stated during the meeting that the name change will have no extra cost for the City as the airport is self-sufficient and was already a part of their operating budget for the upcoming year.

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